The 2017 Annual Convention of the Wisconsin Realtor Association

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Wisconsin Realtor Association

A senior manager with a proven track record of making positive changes at organizations she has worked with, Kim Armus is extensively involved in marketing and real estate. Kim Armus is affiliated with the Wisconsin Realtor Association (WRA).

WRA was founded over a century ago and promotes the interest of the real estate profession as well as homeownership in Wisconsin. The association, which has a membership of more than 14,000 professionals, will be holding its WRA 2017 Annual Convention September 12-13, 2017, at the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino in Milwaukee. The theme of the event is “Be An MVP: Most Valuable Professional.” Strategies and ideas will be presented to enable those in real estate to attain greater heights.

The two-day affair features keynote talks, workshops, continuing-education courses, an exposition, and many opportunities to expand the attendee’s industry network. The first-day keynote speaker is Scott Burrows, who will share strategies and insights. Despite his own experience of being physically paralyzed in an accident, through determination and goal-setting, he was able reinvent himself and enjoy success.


Two Wisconsin Badgers Selected in the 2017 NFL Draft First Round

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Ryan Ramczyk

Having received her bachelor of arts degree from the University of Wisconsin (UW) – Madison, Kim Armus currently serves as a licensed real estate salesperson at KJH Reality. Possessing 16 years of supervisorial experience in business and marketing, Kim Armus has managed the overall day to day operations from small private firms to large organizations. When she is not facilitating new residential home construction, Ms. Armus follows her alma mater Wisconsin Badgers football.

Two Wisconsin football players were honored as first round draft selections at the 2017 NFL Draft in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Having last occurred in 2011, junior left tackle Ryan Ramczyk and junior outside linebacker TJ Watt are the fifth, multiple first-rounders selected in school history.

Not only has the school been represented by at least one player in the last 39 consecutive NFL Drafts, the Badgers have had one first round draft selection in five of the last seven years. Seven of the 14 offensive linemen selected in the past 15 NFL Drafts played as starters in the 2016 season.

Ramczyk, selected 32nd by the New Orleans Saints, extends the Badgers’ offensive linemen taken in the first round. This list includes the NLF’s highest paid center, Travis Frederick of the Dallas Cowboys, and from the Cleveland Browns, Pro Bowler Joe Thomas and the league’s highest paid guard, Kevin Zeitler. Fulfilling a family legacy of linebackers from UW, TJ joins his brothers JJ Watt of the Houston Texans and Derek Watt of the Los Angeles Chargers as NFL draftees.

An Introduction to the Barre Workout

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Barre Workout

As owner of KJH Realty LLC in greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kim Armus oversees the construction and sale of new homes. A business strategy consultant as well, Kim Armus balances her professional responsibilities with a rigorous workout schedule, which includes regular barre workouts.

The barre workout is a challenging, varied regimen that engages the core and works each of the major muscle groups, while helping participants improve balance, stability, and flexibility. It effectively balances strength work with cardio and can even help the body burn calories more effectively, as it increases the energy demands of muscle tissue.

Barre achieves these balanced results by combining ballet-inspired exercises and postures with those of other disciplines such as pilates, yoga, and resistance training. The typical class begins with a warm-up and progresses through isometric isolations of the arm, chest, back, seat, and thigh muscles. At the end of class, participants engage in a series of stretches to facilitate muscle recovery and increase flexibility.

Barre is appropriate for participants of all fitness levels and requires no prior dance training. It is low-impact and thus considered safe for participants who are pregnant or have joint problems. The workout may be particularly effective for individuals with back pain, as it focuses on strengthening the core.

Enjoying Daily Life in Spain

Spain pic


An avid traveler in her free time, real estate entrepreneur Kim Armus particularly enjoys visiting Spain. Kim Armus has visited the country four times in the past two years and hopes to one day live there part-time, so she can more fully enjoy its daily life and culture.

Spain is known throughout Europe and the world for its unusual daily schedule and emphasis on enjoying life. Particularly unique is the Spanish afternoon schedule, which includes a particularly long lunch break that results in a later end to the work day. While some have argued this unusual timetable cuts into workers’ early evenings and encourages later bedtimes, those who love it say it allows families to enjoy lingering midday meals together and may even leave time for the famous siesta.

The shared meal is in fact a vital and longstanding part of daily life in Spain. Grown children often go to their parents’ homes for lunch, and groups of friends enjoy relaxed gatherings for dinners in the evenings. Meals together often involve a fair amount of sharing, as in the culinary tradition of tapas, and wine features prominently.

Rest is valued as much as eating, and some towns still close in the afternoon so residents can enjoy their breaks. While some protest against the inefficiency of these traditions, others praise the balance inherent in the traditional lifestyle and urge Spain to stay away from a work-focused way of being, like many practice in the United States.